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Have you been involved in an accident at work in Chester? If so our team of workplace accident solicitors** for Chester could help. Our team of personal Injury lawyers** have years of experience dealing with all manner of workplace accidents and injuries.

Accidents At Work in Chester: What We Aim To Do

Our accident at work solicitors** for Chester aim to get you the compensation you deserve after sustaining injuries due to employer negligence. We process your accident claim with complete professionalism and sensitivity, so if you are still employed by the company it does not affect your working life. When you have been injured at work we want to build up your case to put you, as our client, in the best possible situation to gain compensation from the company at fault.

Accidents at work do happen and this can be caused by many different factors. One of the main causes for a workplace injury is due to health and safety procedures not being followed. Employers and managers can see them as obstacles in the way of getting the job done quickly. This can leave you as an employer open to injury. If you were injured when standards of safety where being squeezed to ensure a deadline is met, or you were asked to do something out of your normal role without proper training or precaution taken from your employer, you could be entitled to compensation.

I still work and want to work for my employer, does this affect my ability to claim?

No. By law this should not affect your ability to continue working for them, as long as you are still able after your injury to carry out the task you were employed to do. As our accident at work solicitors** for Chester specialize in this type of claim, we have assisted hundreds of clients get the compensation they deserve and still maintain a healthy working relationship with their employer. Most employers understand you would not be claiming compensation if you haven’t suffered losses and if they are to blame they will normally be very accommodating to your claim.

I no longer work for the organisation that employed me, is this an issue?

This is not a problem either as long as the accident has happened in the last 3 years we can look into your claim. Many of our clients have not claimed until they had left or found employment as they felt they wanted a clean break after the incident, before they started a workplace compensation claim. As personal injury solicitors** in Chester we completely understand this and our team just want to get you the compensation you deserve.

No Win No Fee Accident at Work  Claims in Chester

Our No Win, No Fee* personal injury claim service is available depending on circumstances of the individual workplace accident. We have a separate No Win No Fee* page which explains how we can do this and costs involved to give you more detail.

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